Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm just so insanely powerful

I did away with the draft and opted for an all-volunteer military leaving us without a military to defend the nation.

I've become an appeaser searching for peace at any price in a world full of horrors which I seem to be blind to. I'm worrying about what the world will think about us as the world destroys us.

Than again, its me, not the world who is bent on destroying this nation. Despite several recent years with a Republican House and Congress, I've stopped the drilling for oil in Alaska, in the Bering Sea, in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of California and off the coast of Florida - listing the Gulf of Mexico and coastal Florida as unique geographical places makes the area I've prevented drilling in seem bigger. Same thing goes for Alaska and the Bering Sea.

I create laws and programs that take away our freedom, then make the country pay for them with higher taxes - somehow I've done this despite the Bush tax cuts which are still fully in effect. I look down at the average Joe and Joan and pretend to champion the cause of poor and middle-class America while being a holier-than-thou ivory tower elitist.


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